Growing up on my family's farm & walking through the winding pathways I watched as everything intertwined to make a beautiful landscape, I saw the seasons shift and how with every coming change brought a sense of beauty with it, even in the smallest of details. These views undoubtably influence the way I see the world. Everything that inspires me is  filtered through the natural beauty in the way the world takes shape. 

My desire is to simply find and capture that same beauty throughout the seasons of your own life, times of love, growth & change behind the lens of my camera.

Maggie Colletta focuses on intimate weddings and elopements. Residing in the south, aside from photography you’ll often find her on a yoga mat, attempting to cook a real meal for her handsome  husband  and seeking the spirit of  joy in every moment. 

To view more of my husband's work you can find it here!

 photo by: Rylee Hitchner

photo by: Rylee Hitchner

"I think that all things, in their way, reflect heavenly truth, the imagination not least." - C.S. Lewis