How to charge a canon camera battery without a charger?

In general, the canon camera batteries are very easily accessed on both online and off too. The main operations of a canon camera battery are to power the functions of camera and also to act as a backup source of power. At present, there are different kinds of batteries available for canon cameras that can perform differently.

There are also some batteries available for replacement, which could be bought for much less than from an authorized canon dealer. This kind of replacement battery must be avoided, when they often have significantly lower capacity than what they advertise. Therefore, it is best to select the one that suits your camera model from the canon store.

charge camera battery without charger

Procedures to change a battery

If your batteries are not working, then you need to replace it and need to check the specific model and then make an order. Actually, each canon model comes with a battery particularly designed for that model. The great thing about canon battery is providing a manufacturer’s warranty on each replacement battery bought from them.

Usually, most of the digital cameras now available in the market are working with a standard battery that is placed internally. On the other hand, you can also charge camera battery without charger in an emergency situation. You cannot always carry a charger with you. In that situation, you need to improvise your situation for charging your battery. When you have dead battery in your camera, these recommended procedures may be very useful for you that include:

  • To charge a battery by using a battery
    • Remove the battery from your device
    • Find some AA, AAA or 9-volt batteries
    • Find the plus and minus connectors on every battery
    • Match the voltage of your battery that need to charge and other battery like AA, AAA or others with sufficient power to offer
    • Get dual portion of metal cable
    • Tape the wires to a battery that would be giving a charge and the battery needs a charge
    • After some time, the battery must be charged
  • Using a friction trick
    • Remove a battery from an electronic device
    • Rub battery tough by using both of your hands to produce sufficient heat and friction

Another one of the most effective ways to charge a canon camera battery is to cable by simply insert an included battery into the camera for charging.