Why you need to be a paparazzo photographer?

paparazzi jobs

A paparazzo photographer is a freelancer who shots daily live of famous persons, celebrities and popular people like sports person, politicians and entertainers. Paparazzo photographer’s job is to sell photos of famous celebrities to newspapers, television shows, magazine or they can give to upload in websites. Usually people out of controversy they work as blind […]

Arrival of drone photography

drone photography

The present technology improvement has changed our entire olden practices in all field similarly in photography industry the arrival of modern drones has changed the fundamental of aerial photography. Before its arrival only people who has more budget will tends to hire a helicopters for hourly based rental or for day rental to create aerial […]

How to start a modeling agency?

At present, cine and modeling field remains to be more attracted towards the people that too when it comes to modeling, it is a fast developing and highly competitive field than other normal working field. Even though it is competitive business you can hope up with benefits by linking with modeling agencies. If you wish […]